Monday, June 16, 2008

My Best Blogging Buddies Award

Jan, at Bold and Free, sent me this award. Thanks so much, Jan for the Best Blogging Buddies Award. What a nice surprise to receive this special award!

I would like to pass this on to my new friend, Joan, at
A Portland Granny and YaYa at Honest to YaYa. Also to Terri at Terrie's Lil Piece of Serenity and Charlotte at At Home in Scottsdale. And there are so many more of you that I love blogging with - please take this award from me. I am so blessed to have you all for my blogging buddies!!!


Deb said...

Hi Ruthie, great award, you are the best blogging buddie. Deb

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Well now, aren't you the sweetest!!

I love kitties too, although I'm terrible allergic!

Thank you so much!♥

Charlotte said...

Thank you so much for this award, Ruthie. am extremely honored. Kathi had given me this award awhile back. It is so sweet to receive it from two of my blogging friends. I never dreamed when I started blogging that I would find so many friends out there. It's fantastic. I am so blessed.

a portland granny said...

Ruthie, what a nice surprise to have you give me that nice award! Thank you so much.

I guess I just lift it from yours and transfer it? I haven't been taught that skill, but I have tried a few things and it has worked in other instances.

I'll work on it until it works! (kind of like your small print)

Thank you again for such a lovely gesture.