Friday, June 6, 2008

China Childhood Memories #10 - Whaagan Ride

One form of travel for youngsters was a Whaagan (pronounced "Whaw-gan"). We would be carried on the back of a Chinese Coolie in a chair.

One time, my Dad was in charge of a caravan of missionaries traveling to another mission station. My Mom was in a rickshaw and I was in a whaagan. We had just passed a Chinese Inn and as my Dad walked up and down the line of travelers, he saw that I was missing. My coolie had stopped at the Inn so he could show off the white child he was carrying. My Dad found me right away. I can remember my whaagan being set on a table in the middle of the Inn. The Chinese were smiling and exclaiming. I wondered why we had stopped, but I wasn't afraid. I knew my Dad would come and take care of me.

I think that is how we should rely on our Lord, too - knowing that whatever circumstances we are in, we don't have to be afraid because we know the Lord will take care of us.

The picture above is me in a whaagan, but I don't think it was taken at the same time as this story.


Deb said...

Hi Ruthie, great story. Deb

Deb said...

Yes Ruthie it is in the am, and I'm on my way to slumber now, I just can't seem to pass this computer without stopping. Good night and pleasant dreams to you. Deb

Kristy said...

Oh, these pictures are priceless!
As always, it's so fun to stop by and catch up with you - I'm not able to hit all my favorite blogs as much as I'd like.
You have such a rich childhood to share with us, it truly is wonderful.
Thank you.
Blessings ~

Sharon said...

You look so cute! That is a wonderful story! It is so neat to know that God takes care of us just as you said!

Have a great Sunday!

:0) Sharon

Julie said...

That man was probably thinking he was pretty lucky to carry you around. Just for the chance to show you off. People are funny...all the same everywhere. :)

Jan Parrish said...

You were so cute! I love looking at these old photo's. Great story.

Charlotte said...

What a wonderful story. We all need to be reminded from time to time that our father will take care of us. Thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

Love the story and the application!