Thursday, April 17, 2008

China Childhood Memories - my Mom

My mom grew up in a small town in MN. At a Missions emphasis in their church one Sunday, the children marched into the sanctuary carrying the flags of the nations. Mom carried in the flag from Afghanistan. From then on, she felt she would be a missionary - maybe to Afghanistan, since that was the flag she carried.
She went to St Paul Bible Institute and later to Nyack Missionary Institute in preparation for the mission field. Upon applying to a mission board, she was told she was too young and should get some experience first. Mom and another young lady went to Cable, WI to start a church in a little school house. (That church is still in existence today).
Not getting any results from that mission board, she applied to the China Inland Mission (founded by Hudson Taylor) and was accepted.
She was preparing to go to China when her mother had a bad stroke. Mom hurried to her bedside. Her mother took her hand and said, "Go to China anyhow!" Her mother went to be with the Lord, and soon after that, in 1933, my mom sailed for Szechwan, China.
What faith my mom must have had, to take that long journey alone, not knowing what she would face in a foreign country. She only knew that the Lord was with her and He would be her strength and guide.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Ruthie, Your parents must have been wonderful people. You're mother must have had a lot of faith. Traveling to China by herself. She was a very determined young lady. Thanks for sharing these wonderful stories. I wondered how you ended up in China. Where did you live in MN?
Have a beautiful weekend! Terrie

Technonana said...

Oh WOW!! What great witnesses!! I can't imagine going to China without someone else to help me find my way!! What FAITH!! Your parents must have been amazing!!!
I have a friend named Ruth who is also a retired RN!! Great to meet you!!

Robin said...

Wow Ruthie! Your mom had incredible faith as did her mom. You have an amazing heritage and you are passing it along to us. Thank you!

Julie said...

I just read both of the posts about your parents. thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to reading all of the rest of your stories. China's history at that time is also very interesting to me. How very complicated and different it must have been to go to such a foreign place. The world was changing fast back then, but what a culture shock to overcome! Reminds me that with God all things are possible.

BP said...

Hi Ruthie, It must have been such faith for your Mom to go there. Thank you for telling your story.

Kristy said...

Oh, what a wonderful glimpse into your parents lives! Amazing people......looking forward to reading more.
Blessings ~

Robbie Iobst said...

Fabulous story telling, Ruthie. You have me captivated!