Sunday, February 6, 2011

#33 China Childhood Memories - Indian Mountain Retreat

The evacuees from China were all waiting in Calcutta, India for a ship to take us back to the USA. Travel was slow and we did not know when the ship would arrive. Because the heat was so oppressive that summer of 1945, the School kids were moved to a place in the Himalayan Mountains to continue schooling and get away from the heat.

The last part of the journey up the mountain to the compound, the kids walked. Because of my recent bout with pneumonia, I rode a horse. I remember it was a white horse with a hernia.

Somehow, I had gotten a little 4 inch rag baby doll with a porcelin head. I had her with me up in the mountains. Another little missionary girl was crying and lonesome .. so I gave her my little doll to sleep with. I guess she rolled over and it fell on the floor and the head broke. I wrote a note to my mom, saying " I let my friend sleep with my doll, and it broke. Now I have no dollie". My mom often talked about that and how badly that made her feel. There was no way my parents could replace it for me.

I think now of so many missionary moms in foreign countries and the sadness they have sometimes, without the easy access to things that we have here. We need to pray for our missionary moms.

My parents were concerned about being up in the mountains and missing the ship when it came. They trusted the Lord to take care of the details of the ship. And He did.

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Shelia said...

Hi Ruthie! I do love your stories. Bless your little heart. It's hard to understand when we're small. You're so right, we do need to pray for our missionaries and the moms are usually then ones raising the children even today. What a blessing though that you and your family were protected and came home safely!! There are so many tragedies happening to them today.
Glad you popped in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)