Tuesday, September 29, 2009

50th Wedding Anniversary

What a special way to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary! We were with our son and family in MN. We went to the Mall of America for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe - a really unique resturant. (This is a scanned photo - so not the best. Sorry. It's the one they took of us at the cafe.)
Later, we went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater with our son and daughter-in-law. What a treat to be with them!
Our daughters here in CO are planning a celebration for us in a few weeks. What a blessing our children have been to us through the years!

This is our wedding photo. How young we looked 50 years ago. I had already completed nurses training and had spent a year in my chosen profession. Hubby was getting his degree in teaching, although he ended up becoming a professional engineer.
God has blessed us with 50 happy years. If we were to do it all over again, we would still choose each other. We thank the Lord for blessing us and guiding us in our lives together.


Charlotte said...

Happy Anniversary. Isn't it amazing how fast 50 years can go by? Your wedding dress looks a lot like mine. You can tell it's from the same era. Next thing you know it will be 51. Seems like we just had our 50th when it was time for Number 51.
I like to go to those Rainforest restaurants. They certainly are unique.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Ruthie! How wonderful is that. I loved seeing your wedding picture. Those Rainforest restaurants are loads of fun aren't they. I'm glad your back in blogland :>)

Shelley said...

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! Such a wonderful celebration and lovely that you get to spend it w/ family! Really loved seeing your wedding photo - your dress was beautiful!!

bp said...

Congratulations on 50 years! That is wonderful! I'm happy your children are honoring you with a celebration. Look forward to reading about that.

blessings to you!

bj said...

O, Ruthie...HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY, EVER!! You and your hubby are both such good lookers!! I am so happy for you. Bill and I will celebrate our 50th in April. I am excited...and hope we both make it!! lol
I've heard of those restaurants...I think some of my grands were telling me about them.
I was so glad to see your comment..come back real soon!
xo bj

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Ruthie, sweetie Happy 50th Anniversary! I'm so happy for you that your married life together has been such a blessing. It's wonderful to see! Have a fabulous time at your party, and don't forget to ge lots of photo's to share with us too! Hugs for you...
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! It's wonderful to hear happy thoughts of 50 years. May you have many more!

a portland granny said...

Welcome back, Ruthie!! I have really missed you!

I'm thrilled for you that you are celebrating your 50th anniversary! What a blessing and a joy for both of you....and how thankful you are, I know, that you have your health and can do all of your wonderful traveling together!! I think it is marvelous!

Looking forward to your posts!!

You did look like two kids in your wedding picture. Isn't it amazing how time changes things, but you still both have your good looks, just a little more mature!! :)

My son and daughter in law are celebrating their anniversary today also! (19th)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Thanks for stopping by today!

Happy Anniversary, what an accomplishment especially when marriage is considers to be disposable these day it is a rarity to find ones that stand the test of time. My husband and myself will celebrate out 28th anniversary in may of next year.

Blessings for many more happy years together!

Your bloggy friend

SmilingSally said...

Ruthie, I've missed you!

How young we ALL looked 50 years ago! Johnny and I celebrated our 51 years this past July.

Congratulations on doing what most couples cannot, and proving it is a good thing!

Sharon said...

Hi Ruthie! I've missed you! Happy anniversary! I love your wedding picture and the picture of you at the restaurant. You said it all in the last two sentences, "If we were to do it all over again, we would still choose each other. We thank the Lord for blessing us and guiding us in our lives together." What a great inspiration you are!

Hugs, Sharon

Technonana said...

Happy 50th Anniversary!! That is so exciting... and how wonderful to be able to visit with your son!!
Glad to know all is well!!
Loved the pictures!!

Life Adapted said...

Hi Ruthie, Congratulations of your 50th!! Such a sweet post. We love The Rain Forest Cafe, a fine place for a 50th celebration. My husband and I celebrated a 25th this year - it doesn't seem possible - I wore my mother's wedding gown and it looks similar to yours!

Be ever so blessed.

Ellen said...

Hi Ruthie...first of all Happy Anniversary to you and hubby. It was such a treat to see your wedding photo. What a beautiful bride. And such a nice family you sure was blessed, and I am sure your children feel blessed that you were chosen for them.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, It was nice to see you. I hope to get better about posting after we get our daughter all settled in her new home.
Happy Fall....it is showing its signs here in New England, and the crisp smell of autumn is for sure in the air.

Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary...what a wonderful way to celebrate...also love the wedding photo

Clif said...

Congratulations on 50 years! Thanks for posting the pictures. I would love to go to the Mall of America. I'm glad you are back home. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Susan B said...

Hi Ruthie,
Congratulations on 50 years! How wonderful! I pray you have many more blessed years together. I love your wedding picture. Thank you for sharing about your happy event! I'm glad you are back. :o)