Friday, October 31, 2008

Birthday Blessings

On my birthday, my hubby got up early. When I asked him why he was up so early, he said "It's your birthday! And I want you to have a nice day! Then he went to McDonalds and got me an Egg McMuffin and coffee. I really like Egg McMuffin's, but don't usually eat them on a normal day. So they were a nice treat.
Then to our daughter, Jan's, for a late brunch. I was greeted with this sign by her front door.

Jan and grandson, Tim, met us at the door. We had a delicious brunch.
I was delighted to get an autographed copy of Megan DiMaria's new book, "Out of Her Hands" from Jan. I had read her first book and was anxious to read her second one.

Jan always keeps me updated on technology - and she and G gave me a Blue Tooth. Now I can have the "cockroach" appearing thing in my ear, too. Actually, it'll be handy when shopping or doing something that requires hands free when I am on the phone.
After spending the afternoon playing some games (Phase 10), we went to The Outback Steak House. Not being very hungry, we just shared a steak salad but it was good.
Then on to Church for choir practice - where we are practicing for the Christmas Cantatta. Our director was good enough to take this photo of us when I told him I was taking pix of the day for my blog. :)
Arriving home that evening, after choir and trio practice (I'm in a ladies trio and we sing in a couple of Sundays), my hubby had some pumpkin pie waiting for us. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite - I'd rather have that than cake any day!!!
The Birthday celebration continued the next day when we went to Castle Rock. After a massage (a gift from my DH) which also really helped my knee, we had lunch with our other daughter, Shari.

She had sent away for my favorite Christmas DVD - "Mr McGoo's Christmas Carol" which is hardly shown anymore...and a CD of Christmas music by Mitch Miller (another old favorite).

A birthday candle in my Creme Brulee' dessert.
Another fun day of birthday surprises.


Megan DiMaria said...

Happy birthday, Ruthie!!! I hope you enjoy Out of Her Hands.


Technonana said...

Ruthie, Ruthie, Ruthie... what great celebrations and well deserved!!!
I love all the pictures!!!
I know you will remember this birthday for a long time!!! Your family did well!!!

Jan Parrish said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday! It was fun that we could all have brunch together.

KJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a sweet hubby and wonderful memories!!!

I sing, too. Always wonderful when we can add song to a happy day!

Cherdecor said...

What a wonderful wonderful birthday you had!!!!!Your family certainly loves you!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Dear Ruthie,
Thank you for visiting my blog. By the looks of things, you're well loved! And a belated Happy Birthday from me as well.


Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Happy Birthday Ruthie! It looks like you had a wonderful day. Great memories were made and some nummy pie and cake was eaten :) Thank you for sharing your special day.

Kathi :)