Friday, September 12, 2008

Humming Birds

Humming birds are always such fun to watch. We had our humming bird feeder up when we were camping in the mountains. This little one didn't seem very afraid and I was able to get quite close to take the picture. This was taken at dusk through the window of our camper, so is a little dark.
I was happy to catch this one in flight. They are so fast that it's hard to get them clearly.
I would sit and wait for the "hummers" to come - and finally would give up, put my camera down, and then one would come. They were very entertaining to watch and I loved the whirring sound they made as they approached our feeder.


Robin said...

Great pictures!

Jan Parrish said...

I love humming birds. Those are some really awesome shots!

Robin Lambright said...

We have recently (just over two years ago) moved into a new home, we were in our last home for 23 years. One of the things I have missed the most over these last two years is my back yard from my old home. I had spent the last 23 years planting flowers, trees and bushes etc. I loved to sit and just be in my garden.

Now that we have moved, into a relatively new subdivision I am having to start form scratch with my garden, so there is nothing to look at in my back yard.

No trees, no flowers it really is a blank slate. My sister gave me a birdhouse and for the last two years it has remained empty up until this past spring. It was the home to a pair of nesting blue bids.

They were so fascinating to watch. I was able to bring a few bulbs from my old yard so I do have a few flowers to start with, over the last few months my blooming canna lilies have attracted a pair of humming birds as well.

They are so beautiful to watch. I have to concede that in my lamenting over the bareness of my back yard God has been faithful to provide me hours of entertainment and wonder as I have watched the birds that visit my back yard.

The birds have given me something to look at and even given me something to look forward to again in the coming of next spring to see if my nesting pair of blue birds will return to build another next. I enjoyed our pictures very much.

Deb said...

Hi Ruthie, I love humming birds. When I see pictures of them or hear about them from others I'm sort of surprise at how calming others speak of them. It's mainly because I've had feeders for years and all my humming birds do is fight. The chase each other away all day. Then there's always this wasp that runs all the birds away. It really makes me not want a feed. Do you mean to tell me that this never happens where you are? Deb

a portland granny said...

I love little hummingbirds. I often have a tiny one outside of my kitchen window and it amazes me to watch those tiny wings going so fast as it partakes of what it wants from the bloom. Thanks for showcasing another of God's perfect creations!

Sweetie said...

My husband and I love watching humming birds. I put a hanging fuschia on the back porch each summer. Humming birds love them. I have found it almost impossible to take their picture.

nanatrish said...

Aren't hummingbirds the sweetest little birds? My granddaughter is crazy about fairies and I believe she said fairies love to be around butterflies and humming birds. You did a great job with the pictures.

Susie said...

Bill and I enjoy the hummers so much :) They are here year round in CA and such a delight. Loved seeing your pictures!

Natalie said...

I love that buzzy sound too! I had a friend who's cat loved to watch from inside the house. Every time one would fly close, the cat jumped in the air. I don't know which I enjoyed watching more...the cat or the birds.

Sweetie said...

Ruthie (that's my only sibling's name) - I love the hummingbirds. Also, we visited Elk County a month ago to see the elk and are going back later in the fall. We are about to make our 7 am trip to Wal-Nart (few people). I will visit you again so I can get to know you better,